The New Thrush Observatory

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Exterior View

I would like to start by saying thank-you to several people who helped in the construction of my new observatory. Clay Kessler, a great neighbor and friend. Bob Justin, my son Jason who is now off at college, and my wife Susan for all her support. I would also like to thank George Korody for his help on the observatory construction plans.

My original plan was to build a roll off roof observatory, but after much thought, I decided on a domed observatory. Like my first observatory, I purchased the dome from Technical Innovations to house my Celestron 14" telescope and Paramount ME mount.

The observatory is located about 150 feet behind my home in Manchester, Michigan.   The dome and rectangular skirt are made from fiberglass and both were installed on a 10' x 10' building.  Two electric drives motors allow the dome to rotate throughout 360 degrees and will be coupled to the telescope slewing electronics. The new dome also has a motor that is used to open and close the dome shutter. 

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Clay Kessler, my son Jason, and I start installing the 6" x 6" observatory decking posts.

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Jason and I move the telescope pier out to the observatory.

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Jason raises to pier for placement on the 3' x 3' x 5' concrete pad.

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Clay Kessler and I move the pier into position.

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Clay Kessler and I level the telescope pier.

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Photograph showing 10' x 10' observatory building construction.

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Constructing the dome base ring.

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The completed dome assembly minus the front shutter.

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Photograph above shows the dome base ring and rectangular skirt support construction.

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Clay Kessler and I check to make sure the base ring is concentric.

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Attaching the dome base ring to the rectangular skirt.

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Telescope under the observatory dome.

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An Exterior view of observatory

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Observatory weather station electronics