Meteorite Types

Meteorites are bits of the solar system that have fallen to the Earth. Most come from asteroids, including few are believed to have come specifically from 4 Vesta; a few probably come from comets. A small number of meteorites have been shown to be of Lunar (15 finds) or Martian (13) origin.


Primarily iron and nickel; similar to type M asteroids

 Stony Iron

Mixtures of iron and stony material like type S asteroids


By far the largest number of meteorites fall into this class;
similar in composition to the mantles and crusts of the terrestrial planets

 Carbonaceous Chondrite

Very similar in composition to the Sun less volatiles;
similar to type C asteroids


Similar to terrestrial basalts;
the meteorites believed to have originated on the Moon and Mars are achondrites

Meteorite Statistics

  Type Fall % Find % Fall Weight Find Weight
Stony 95.0 79.8 15200 8300
Stony-Iron 1.0 1.6 525 8600
Iron 4.0 18.6 27000 435000