Major Meteor Showers Through the Year

These meteor showers recur each year; in some cases they have been recognized for hundreds of years. The name of the shower in most cases indicates the constellation from which the meteors appear. The radiant coordinates are given in right ascension and declination; beginners will need to plot these coordinates on a good star chart to see exactly where in the sky the radiant lies. Suitable star maps can be found in several basic-level books, check your local library if you don't have one.

Shower Date of Maximum Radiant Coordinates
Quadrantids Jan. 3-4 RA 15h 28m Dec. +50 deg
Lyrids Apr. 21-22 RA 18h 16m Dec. +34 deg
Eta Aquarids May 5-6 RA 22h 24m Dec. 0 deg
Delta/Iota Aquarids July 29-30 RA 22h 36m Dec. -17 deg
Perseids Aug. 11-12 RA 3h 04m Dec. +58 deg
Orionids Oct. 21-22 RA 6h 20m Dec. +15 deg
Taurids Nov. 4-5 3h 32m Dec. +14 deg
Leonids Nov. 16-17 RA 10h 08m Dec. +22 deg
Geminids Dec. 13-14 RA 7h 32m Dec. +32 deg
Ursids Dec. 22-23 RA 14h 28m Dec. +76 deg

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