The Triangulum Galaxy - ( M33, NGC 598)

Celestron C14 @ f/1.9 (Hyperstar)
Paramount ME
Canon 20Da camera
Manchester, Michigan - 08/30/2008 and 08/31/2008
Exposure time: 60 x 2 min. w/LPR Filter, Total exposure time: 2 hours
The images were stacked using Deep Sky Stacker and Processed using Photoshop cs2

The Triangulum Galaxy Messier 33 (M33, NGC 598) is another prominent member of the Local Group of galaxies. This galaxy is small compared to its big apparent neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy M31, and to our Milky Way galaxy, but by this more of average size for spiral galaxies in the universe. One of the small Local Group member galaxies, LGS 3, is possibly a satellite of M33, which itself may be a remote but gravitationally bound companion of the Andromeda galaxy M31.

M33 is approaching us (our Solar System) at 182 km/s according to R. Brent Tully, or at 179 +/-3 km/s according to NED. Corrected for our motion around the Milky Way's Galactic Center, it is approaching our Galaxy at 24 km/sec.

Imaged By: Jeff Thrush