M 101 - Pinwheel Galaxy

William Optics FLT110 refractor ,SBIG ST2000 camera and Paramount ME
Manchester, Michigan - 04/26/2008
Exposure times: Lum = 12 x 5 min.(Binned 1x1), RGB = 6 x 5 min.(Binned 2x2)
Total Exposure Time: 2.5 Hrs.
The images were stacked using CCDStack
Processed using Photoshop cs2 and Noiseware.

M101 is an extremely large spiral galaxy. Even at a distance of 27 million light years away, it still sprawls its 170,000 light year diameter across a large area of sky. Many of the bright star forming regions in the spiral arms have their own NGC designations. Also note the myriad of background galaxies that can be seen in various places through the disk.

Imaged by: Jeff Thrush