Cone Nebula & NGC 2264

Celestron C14 @ f/1.9 (Hyperstar)
Paramount ME
Canon 20Da camera
Exposure Time: 30 x 2 mins. w/LPR Filter
Total Exposure Time: 1 hour
This image was cropped by 50%.
The images were stacked using Deep Sky Stacker and Processed using CCDStack, Photoshop cs2 and Noiseware Professional

The origin of the mysterious cone-shaped region seen on the right remains a mystery. The interstellar formation, dubbed the Cone Nebula, is located about 2700 light years away. Other features in the image include red emission from diffuse interstellar hydrogen, wispy filaments of dark dust, and bright star S Monocerotis. Blue reflection nebulae surround the brighter stars visible on the center. The dark Cone Nebula region clearly contains much dust which blocks light from the emission nebula and open cluster NGC 2264 behind it. One hypothesis holds that the Cone Nebula is formed by wind particles from an energetic source blowing past the Bok Globule at the head of the cone.

Manchester, Michigan - 02/28/2009
Imaged By: Jeff Thrush